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Finally done with being the bottleneck of your business… then you are in the right place. I understand that as a business owner you wear a ton of hats and have a million things on your plate.

The last thing you want to worry about is the day to day of your business. If you are here, then it’s time to  elevate and start building something sustainable. 

A Legacy Even!

Your business has grown and so have you! It’s time for you to step into the CEO role… that’s where an OBM comes in!

When you work with the right OBM, you get someone who gets it. Someone who knows what it takes to level up a business.  

OBM Retainer Services Include:

  • Strategic development and planning for the future
  • Assessing and optimizing your tech along with implementing automation where it makes sense for your business
  • Creation and maintenance of your SOP (standard operating procedure) library
  • Team recruitment and management in a way that fosters retention
  • Making sure the right thing gets done at the right time by the right person so you don’t have to

Not sure if you’re ready for this type of support in your business? 

  • Your to-do list never seems to get any smaller?
  • You are being pulled in so many directions you’re not sure where you’re going?
  • You are the one taking care of all the things all the time?
  • You have  a team but aren’t really using them effectively in your business?
  • You want to be proactive but always seem to land in a reactive state?
  • You know you want to scale but have no idea what to do next?
  • The last time you took a real vacation was so long ago you don’t remember it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time we talked about the right level of support for you!  Book a free, no obligation consultation call using the LET’S CHAT! below. 


Standing on the beach listening to the waves as they roll up on the sand and over your toes. The quiet chip of birds far off in the distance. The breeze gently blowing through your hair as you choose your spot to spend the day.  

You open the book you’ve been meaning to read for over a year now and engulf yourself into the story.  Letting the stresses of the week wash away with each new wave. 

What you don’t hear is the constant ding of a Slack or messenger notifications. You aren’t being asked a hundred questions in the span of an afternoon. You don’t feel the weight of having to do everything on your own. 

You get to experience the freedom of total support and do the things you want to do all while your team handles the behind the scenes.

What would having the right OBM on  your team mean for you? 

The first 3 months together:

Month 1: Planning

We start every quarter with a strategy session, your first being a kickoff session to take a deep dive into your business. 

From there, your 90 day plan is developed keeping in mind the overall goals of the business.  This is also when I spend time learning more about your business ins and outs. 

Month 2: Small Changes

We start to make small changes based on findings in month 1. These changes are the ones that make life easier but sometimes don’t get noticed until much later! 

Month 3: Rubber Meet Road

While working through months 1 & 2, we’ve been prepping for month 3 where bigger changes start to happen. This is where you really start to see the impact of having the right OBM on your team. 

Month 4 and beyond…

By this time you have seen positive changes in your business and are getting ready to offload more things from your plate. You’re more comfortable that things are getting done and you can start to move further into the CEO role that you want to be in. 

Regular Monthly Retainers start at $2500 USD per month


Most frequent questions and answers

Services included are customized to your business. Each business is as unique as each business owner and that’s why we include what is needed and exclude what is not. As your business evolves, so too can your retainer. 

Every month we have the following: 

    • 1 monthly strategy session (approx. 60 mins)
    • Either weekly 30 minute meetings or;
    • biweekly 60 minute meetings

Quarterly we will have a strategy session to map out the next 90 days.

Annually, (near November/ December) we map out the year ahead. 

Each business is slightly different and this is  adjusted as the business needs change. 

Day to day business hours are Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm Eastern time.

Time within those hours are set aside to work specifically on your business. 

Monthly retainer services are due in advance on the first of the month. If you require alternate arrangements, we can discuss that at the time. 

Refunds for monthly retainer services are not offered. If you choose to cancel, we ask that you provide 30 days notice and our final time with you will be finishing any outstanding  items covered in that retainer fee. 

Still have questions?

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