Discouraged with everything you think needs to go into a launch?

Tired of downloading all the freebies to try and figure it all out?

Not sure where to start? 

Launching is an exciting time filled with anticipation and it can be a scary roller coaster of emotions when you don’t know what to expect! With a Level-Up Your Launch VIP Day, you get my undivided attention for the day to strategize and map out your launch dates, launch goals, content plan, client on-boarding sequence, tech stack and all the other little pieces that will help make your launch a breeze.

You don’t have to do it on your own!

Level Up Launch VIP Day allows you to go into your next launch knowing exactly what to expect.

What if you could had a road-map of your launch taking you through each and every turn so you know exactly what was coming?

A launch strategy customized specifically to you and your business…

Knowing exactly what needs to be done to perfect your next launch…

The freedom of walking into launch week confident that you had everything covered…

Level-Up Your Launch VIP Day is for you if:

✔️ You’ve never launched before and aren’t sure of everything that needs to go into a successful launch, or;

✔️ You’ve launched before but felt like there were things that could have been better and are uncertain on how to improve

✔️ You’re not sure what you or your team should be doing during your launch

✔️ Time to plan your launch is something you just don’t have enough of

✔️ You’re done with the guesswork and want it mapped out for you

What does the day look like?

Schedule your Level-Up Your Launch VIP Day and the preparation starts! 

Shortly after you schedule your Level Up Launch VIP DAY, you’ll receive a questionnaire that goes through some details of what we will be diving into during your VIP Day. This helps make the best use of our time together. This also allows me to look into the tools and systems that may be needed for the launch. 

This prep work is an important part of launching and helps make it a smooth experience for you and your team! 

1 – 2 Weeks before your VIP Day

Receive your questionnaire that includes specific information about your launch wants and needs as well some timing questions.  At this time, you will also be making your final payment for your VIP Day

Morning of your VIP Day

We start with a 120 minute Strategy Session over zoom to go over the launch prep, discuss the goals you have, timelines, milestones, and overall strategy.  

Following the Strategy Session

For the next 4 hours, I take information back and create your customized Launch Plan. This is the meat and potatoes of who, what, when, and where of the launch. 

Approx. 4 hours following your Strategy Session

We end our day together with another session to go through the plan, how to use it and make adjustments if needed. This is where you get to experience the magic of what a fully planned launch looks like and the relief that you aren’t missing any of the key things needed to make your day as successful as possible.

2 Weeks following your VIP Day

You’ll need time to go through the plan on your own and get a feel for what’s in it. It’s natural to have questions and that’s why 14 days after your VIP Day, you’ll get another session with me. 

What do you actually get with a VIP Day?

    • 120 minute strategy session diving into the details of what your launch will look like. From the moment you start to promote until you start your program with your new clients, we cover everything.
    • A comprehensive launch plan delivered to you including all dates, who does what and where, along with milestones for hitting your goals.
    • Your launch plan loaded into a project management tool (ClickUp) or on an easy to use Google Sheet.
    • Email prompts for when you’re ready to launch to your audience based on the timing of YOUR launch
    • 60 minute session to hand the plan off as well as a chance for you to ask questions. We also make any adjustments to the plan during this session. 
    • 60 minute session to hand the plan off as well as a chance for you to ask questions. We also make any adjustments to the plan during this session. 
    • Follow-up session 2 weeks after your VIP Day so those questions that popped up afterwards can get answered before your get too deep into launching.
    • Recommendations for tech, tools and team based on YOUR launch and YOUR business
    • A customized launch day self-care calendar to make sure you are taking care of YOU during your launch so you can be your best self. This is one of the most important parts of launching that so many forget… this calendar ensures you don’t!

Level Up Your Launch VIP Day $1497 USD with a 50% due to secure your day 


Most frequent questions and answers

A VIP Day is a full day where you have my undivided attention focused on your launch. 

Your day starts between 8am – 10am Eastern (depending on your preference) and wraps up between 3pm – 5pm Eastern. It is a 7 hour day so you should mark your calendar to be available for that time period.

A launches take anywhere from 4 weeks to 90 days from first plan to cart open period. If you don’t know your launch day, I recommend booking you VIP Day as soon as you can so your plan is in place when you do decide to move ahead.  

If you aren’t sure about timing, schedule a consultation and let’s chat about what will work best. 

Anything provided to you on your VIP Day or as part of your VIP Day package is yours to keep.

Absolutely! A team member is always welcome to join in on your day. 

Yes, payment plans are available with the final payment due before your VIP Day.

No problem! You can reschedule your VIP Day for another available date. There are no guarantees on availability and if it will be in time to plan for your expected launch day. 

No, refunds are not offered. You can however, reschedule your day to another time. 

Still have questions?

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