Overwhelmed by the thought of doing all the things for your launch...

Hey, I’m Lorrie, the Certified Online Business Manager that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs strategize, plan for and reach their launch goals. 

From early offer idea to post-launch success, I’m there to support you through all of it!

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Lorrie is amazing at her craft! Not only did she help me prepare for my course launch, she also ensured all the badassery to follow with my coaching program was organized and streamlined in a way that worked for me, not by following some cookie cutter template! She is a 6 in a world full of 5's!!
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Kate Cornelius
Founder - Business Owner Collective

There is a lot that goes into launching and you find yourself asking so many questions…

Where do I start? 

What kind of launch is right for me or what kind of launch do I want to do?

How do I promote?

What do I do to make sure I don’t miss anything? 

All the guesswork and stressing when you need to strategize, build your plan, reach your audience, set up all the tech, test every step and the list goes on leaving you tired and ready to throw your hands up! 

You are not the first to worry about all these things and the good news is you don’t have to do it all on your own. You no longer have to worry that something is going to slip through the cracks causing your launch to crash!

It’s time to get the support you need so you can focus on your zone of genius. With someone there, taking the lead, managing all the moving pieces and you have the opportunity to actually enjoy your launch! 

What if you could have someone manage each step of your launch for you?

Knowing each and every step of your launch tech is set up and tested

Your vision coming to reality while you get to thrive in your zone of genus

The freedom of support and not having to do it all on your own

What’s included in a fully implemented launch:

Support through each phase of your launch

Phase 1: Planning

Your full launch implementation service starts with a kickoff session where we go over every aspect of your launch

Phase 2: Pre-Launch

Planning turns into action during the pre-launch and your vision starts to take shape. All those parts and pieces we planned for… this is when they get implemented

Phase 3: Launch

Your launch period your way! All that planning and set up, this is when you get to reap the rewards of having a fully supported launch while you get to focus on your audience

Phase 4: Post-Launch 

You start welcoming in your new clients like VIPs 

Full Launch Implementation Services starting at $3600 USD


Most frequent questions and answers

A full launch implementation is where you have someone holding your hand from strategy to post launch debrief and everything in between making sure everything is getting done at the right time to make your launch as successful as possible. 

The size your launch determines the length of time to implement it. Typical launches need 8 – 12 weeks from plan to cart open. 

Any aspects of the launch are managed by me. If you have team members working on the launch, those pieces will be part of the project management aspects of the launch.

Your teams day to day business activities are still managed by you, unless you are working with me in a regular monthly retainer capacity. 

A launches take anywhere from 4 weeks to 90 days from first plan to cart open period. If you don’t know your launch day, I recommend booking as soon as possible as timing and availability varies. 

If you aren’t sure about timing, schedule a consultation and let’s chat about what will work best. 

There are many aspects of a launch including the type and involvement of the team. The details of what is needed to fully support you is discussed in our call and at that time, you will get a firm pricing on what your launch will cost. 

Yes, payment plans are available with a Full Launch Implementation Service.

No problem! Things happens and launches get rescheduled. Plans are updated and so is the work schedule.

If certain pieces of the launch have already been scheduled, (ie: email automation) additional fees may be incurred due to increased workload. 

Refunds are offered up to 50% of the total fee prior to work starting. If work has commenced, no refund will be offered. 

Still have questions?

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